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The main types of Asian furniture home decoration

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In 2013, worldwide furniture production reached an estimated turnover of nearly 327 billion euros . The world furniture market is growing strongly (+7.3% per year since 2009), so the battle for Europe is not over and there are even recovery points in most of the so-called “mature” markets. (Germany, United Kingdom, Spain…). Currently positioned 10th in the world in a sectoral project that aims to make France one of the largest furniture exporting countries by 2021.

But what are the keys to success for international development in this favorable and buoyant market?
One of the keys to success in developing internationally lies essentially in the ability of brands to organize themselves in order to pool approach costs. Indeed, opening up to an external market cannot be improvised, it is therefore essential for the networks to define their product positioning, to analyze the market and competing companies, to know the needs of local consumers, to train their teams, to control risks (payment, quality), to share their experiences and best practices. To achieve this, there are in particular three strategic axes, divided into 12 levers of action , which must imperatively be implemented by a brand wishing to succeed in its export.

Source: French Furniture

VDLF French furnitureAdapting the French offer to the requirements of international markets remains the first step to be taken into account by an exporting network. A strategy well understood by the Vendée furniture manufacturer Gautier, who took part a few weeks ago in the Shanghai furniture fair . Indeed, the Vendée brand, which has succeeded in its incursion into the international market, essentially targeting emerging markets, has decided to position itself in countries with high potential, which are still not very popular with large companies. A profitable strategy which now makes exports nearly 30% of the group’s activity . A development policy that allows the Gautier network to expand its market (the brand recently opened new points of sale in Vienna and Singapore and is looking for new franchisees in Colombia ) and to promote the “French Touch”.

But the Gautier network is not the only defender of the singularity of French furnishings abroad. Indeed, present in nearly 25 countries with more than 460 stores abroad , the Schmidt Group is a perfect illustration of the promotion of “made by France” offers, in the general public sphere as well as in the highly competitive private and public markets. The brand, whose export is now part of its DNA, has been able to conquer the international market by focusing in particular on supporting its companies internationally (assistance, networking, etc.) with appropriate and innovative tools ( studies, export training, etc.). As proof, the group has opened a new point of sale in Norway in recent months , but also inSpain , or in Belgium .

main types of Asian furniture home decoration

The reference brand in the market for tailor-made fittings of living rooms in the home, Mobalpa, is also one of the brands that have succeeded in conquering the international market. With a notoriety rate of 78%, as well as a satisfaction rate of 95% , the Mobalpa brand relies on its strong identification to develop abroad, and thus contribute to the promotion of know-how. French.

Synonymous with top-of-the-range and luxury abroad, the success encountered by the “French Touch” on the international market, once again confirms the richness of the furniture sector in France . French brands can thus continue to benefit from it, provided they structure themselves and develop new economic models through win-win partnerships between the various players in this sector of activity.

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